WIZZ Racing has over 20 years professional triathlon and cycling experience. Many years of racing on most of the top brands throughout the world, and racing for the top teams, has allowed us to develop the best bikes that are on the market today, at the most competitive price. WIZZ Racing has the knowledge to design, develop and produce an outstanding high performance bike. At WIZZ Racing we have recorded time of 4:23 for an Ironman bike time which is over 40km/hr.

At WIZZ our advanced research and development never stops. We are always searching for the latest carbon fiber technology, to make athletes go faster. The benefit of having this personal knowledge, we are able to design and custom build triathlon and road bikes to satisfy all levels of riders. WIZZ frames are all handmade, not machine made. All WIZZ bikes are professionally assembled, to give you a superior custom fit.

Our products are leading edge in aerodynamics, strength, comfort and our unique design. Our  frames are strictly manufactured and examined according to EU 14781 testing standards. We have designed the latest in striking colours and graphics. At WIZZ we offer full service support on our entire range, 7 days a week, providing our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee.